Welcome to Rocky Crater Weyrhold!

Is there such a place as Paradise?

Set on an island in the Eastern Ring chain, Rocky Crater Weyrhold is about as close to Paradise as you can find in our version of 9th Interval / 10th Pass Pern. For nearly 700 Turns dragonriders and their families have called Crater Island their home, earning their rights to this slice of paradise through honest hard work. It can be your home, too, but only if you are up to the challenge.

Rocky Crater Weyrhold is an approved off-line, play-by-e-mail (PBeM) full-post Weyrhold set a post-AIVAS 9th Interval Pern. We are PG-13 rated on the main RP list, but we have a secondary list for unedited, mature-content posts. Canon-wise, Rocky Crater is moderate in following major book canon.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our version of Pern and that you decide to give our Weyrhold a try. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail the BoD at: rcwh-bod@rockycrater.org 

Map showing Rocky Crater Weyrhold's location in Pern's Eastern Ring Islands.