The History of Our Version of Pern

The historical information that follows isn't intended to be an exhaustive text that details the past seven centuries of Pern's history. Instead, it is a brief review of what has happened, as it relates to our slice of Pern, to bring us to point that we are at today. As our version of 10th Pass Pern is unique (or so we hope) reading this should help you to understand our world better.

For quicker access, this page has been divided into the following sections:

Recent Historical Events

It's been a very long road to recovery from the losses suffered in the Plague of 3137, but it would seem that the Pernese have been able to put the worst of it behind them. Thanks in part to the total ban on admitting women to the crafts -- except within the Weyrs and Weyrholds -- which was imposed shortly after the plague, the planet's population has been solidly recovering, and it finally exceeded the pre-plague population total in the early 3260s.

As if acting in response to this population increase, for the last four decades dragon clutches have been growing more frequent, and the egg totals, on average, are fifty percent great in number than what they were at the beginning of the century. Pern-wide, the dragon population reached pre-plague levels in the mid 3280s. Rocky Crater and several other Weyrholds now find themselves with more dragons than they've had since the early Turns of the Interval.

For the past quarter-century, since Maerka retired in 3271AL, Imara, gold Rynth's rider, has been Rocky Crater's Lady Weyrholder; the fourth since the plague claimed Lady Bethia. And, on 3294.05.22, D'ylen, rider of bronze Olwynth, became the seventeenth Lord Weyrleader since the plague; he is the seventh different one since Imara became Lady Weyrholder. How long it will be until number eighteen is anyone's guess (and a Bitran-odds bet if ever there was one!).

Thread's Return:
On the 13th day of the 1st month of 3295AL, at a small mining camp name Murtrem, for the first time since 2572AL a deadly Threadfall rained down on Pern, wiping that holding off the map. Only a handful survived. It wasn't until the following day, when a similar tragedy befell Paradise River Hold that the dragonriders became aware of Thread's return: dragged into Pern's orbit not by the Red Star, but by a seemingly innocent, orbit-crossing comet dubbed Glaber's Comet. How long this "Pass" will last is yet unclear.

Rocky Crater Weyrhold's History

Rocky Crater Weyrhold was founded in the third decade of the 9th Interval by a small group of first and second generation rider-crafters lead by E'ward, a blue-riding master stonemason of Keroonan Blood.

Having grown disenchanted with living in close proximity to non-rider holders who, more times than not, viewed them as competition for land and other resources, the group set out to find holdable lands that no one else would want. They found such a place in the middle of the inner ring of the Eastern Ring Islands, in a place that they named Crater Island. As it was not part of the lands set aside for dragonriders after the Pass, E'ward had to call upon his family ties to gain Conclave approval. In 2604AL the new Weyrhold, to be known as Rocky Crater, was formally approved.

With Lord Weyrholder E'ward acting as architect and chief engineer of the project, the Weyrhold was sited beside a large natural cavern at the northern head of a side valley off of the island's broad interior valley. The cavern, which is now the Weyrhold's Hatching Grounds, served as a communal dragonweyr for the first two decades of the Weyrhold until time and resources could be diverted away from food production and structure building to carve weyrs out of the neighboring hillside. With no queens in the Weyrhold -- the first, a junior queen from the closing Telgar Weyr, wouldn't arrive until 2671AL -- there was no rush to vacate the cavern.

In 2619AL, fifteen Turns after construction on the Weyrhold began, work began in ernest on carving real dragonweyrs and sunning ledges out of a steeply sloped hillside on the far side of the river that divided the valley. (please see the Weyr-life section for more information about the design of the Weyrhold.)

Construction and expansion of the Weyrhold continued over the following centuries with riders, and their families and descendants settling in three distinct sections of Crater Island: the seacrafters settled in Dragon's Cove, a sheltered harbor on the eastern side of the island; the farmers and herders settled Central Valley, the island's fertile interior valley, which was formed when the two volcanoes that make up the island met; the remainder settled in and around the Weyrhold proper. This is also the site of the Weyrhold's main stores.

In 3137AL, five hundred thirty-three Turns after the founding of the Weyrhold an influenza-like plague decimated all of Pern, killing roughly a third of the planet's population. Very young children, the elderly, and those that were caring for the sick and dying -- women mostly -- during the outbreak made up the vast majority of its deaths.

The relative isolation of Rocky Crater (and of Fairview, and Star Peak) didn't spare them from the plague's deadly visit. Percentage-wise, Rocky Crater's death-toll wasn't as high as some Weyrholds in the South -- several of which were totally wiped out by the plague -- but that was of little consolation when Lady Weyrholder Bethia succumb to the plague while her queen's final clutch was hardening on the Sands. It would take four Turns before a Conclave of Weyr and Weyrhold leaders agreed to transfer a new queen to Rocky Crater.

RCWh's Weyrleaders: 3125AL to Present

The following two tables list Rocky Crater Weyrhold's Lady WeyrHolders and Lord Weyrleaders since 3125AL. As of this writing (15-Feb-04) all the riders below are BoD NPCs, except for Imara and D'ylen.

Rocky Crater's Lady Weyrholders: 3125AL to Present:
3125.11.11 to 3137.08.09 -- Bethia & gold Garioth
3141.12.18 to 3198.10.10 -- Deannus & gold Tabrath
3198.10.10 to 3240.06.13 -- Arliea & gold Jyalith
3240.06.13 to 3271.01.07 -- Maerka & gold Chealth
3271.01.07 to Present    -- Imara & gold Rynth

Rocky Crater's Lord Weyrleaders: 3125AL to Present:
3125.11.11 to 3146.09.24 -- Vl'dae & bronze Xyalanth
3146.09.24 to 3152.07.14 -- M'ko & bronze Kaath
3152.07.14 to 3155.11.23 -- Vl'dae & bronze Xyalanth
3155.11.23 to 3159.04.17 -- M'ko & bronze Kaath
3159.04.17 to 3171.09.16 -- K'garo & bronze Onulath
3171.09.16 to 3198.10.10 -- T'baun & bronze Dyhenth
3198.10.10 to 3204.12.19 -- E'koric & bronze Mahalath
3204.12.19 to 3213.09.11 -- A'slyn & bronze Itereth
3213.09.11 to 3217.02.14 -- E'koric & bronze Mahalath
3217.02.14 to 3226.04.28 -- A'slyn & bronze Itereth
3226.04.28 to 3229.11.10 -- P'rel & bronze Jamienth
3229.11.10 to 3236.07.13 -- I'han & bronze Ptanith
3236.07.13 to 3243.08.21 -- P'rel & bronze Jamienth
3243.08.21 to 3262.03.13 -- Wl'nar & bronze Honalth
3262.03.13 to 3265.09.05 -- V'jol & bronze Nimanath
3265.09.05 to 3273.12.24 -- G'hator & bronze Alegeth
3273.12.24 to 3276.04.19 -- Dn'ryc & bronze Qariuth
3276.04.19 to 3280.10.02 -- V'jol & bronze Nimanath
3280.10.02 to 3286.04.27 -- Sv'bral & bronze Zuryth
3286.04.27 to 3288.08.10 -- M'larin & bronze Sonnith
3288.08.10 to 3292.07.13 -- Yr'lan & bronze Cidranth
3292.07.13 to 3294.05.22 -- M'larin & bronze Sonnith
3294.05.22 to Present    -- D'ylen & bronze Olwynth

Fairview Seahold's History

Fairview Seahold's history begins in the early 2700s when a group of young Tillek fishermen, their curiosity piqued by decades of reports of monster-size catches by Star Peak Hold and Rocky Crater Weyrhold's small fishing fleets, petitioned their Craftmaster for permission to test the waters for themselves. In 2708AL they were given permission to establish a small fishing cothold in a sheltered cove at the southern tip of what the dragonriders called Dolphin Island because of its shape. The location was roughly halfway between Rocky Crater and Star Peak.

After several encouraging seasons of impressive catches, the men requested to make the cothold a permanent settlement. Two seasons later, in 2715AL, Fairview Seahold was founded on the cothold's site. Following Star Peak's lead, in 2722AL The Seamen's School was established at Fairview to teach those crafts that would be needed to maintain the rather isolated Seahold. As the decades passed, both Hold and School took on a more traditional, anti-AIVAS-tech, attitude. Today, Fairview Seahold is one of the lowest-tech Holds on Pern.

Recent Lord Holders of Fairview Seahold:
Ihylden: 3257 to present
Kielden: 3208 to 3257
Cevilyn: 3137 to 3208
Trevlyn: 3102 to 3137

Star Peak Hold's History

Star Peak Hold was founded in a hurry in 2553AL, just a few short months after a comet hit Pern, to be the base of operations for the construction of a Starcraft Observatory. The Hold is located on Starcraft Island, one of the northernmost islands in the Eastern Ring Islands chain, at the foot of Observatory Peak. It's about a three hour ride -- mostly uphill -- from the Observatory's residential quarters.

Though it was never intended to be a major Hold, Star Peak has developed into a decent-sized, high-tech, Hold whose Technical School draws apprentices from all across Pern. Star Peak's residents enjoy one of the highest standards of living of all of Pern's Holds.

The AIVAS Technical School's History

Founded at Star Peak Hold in 2584AL, The AIVAS Technical School was established to teach all of the crafts that would be needed to maintain the Star Peak Observatory. Over the past 700+ Turns this has expanded to include training for all the crafts needed by the Hold itself, as well as classrooms for the Hold's children.

Though small when compared to the Crafthalls of the high-tech crafts that it teaches, over the Turns the School has attracted some of the best masters that Pern has had to offer and, as a result, its apprenticeship program has attracted petitions from all across Pern.

The Seamen's School's History

Founded at Fairview Seahold in 2722AL, The Seamen's School was established to teach the youth of the rather isolated Seahold. Located on the coastline just outside of the main hold, the school's complex of buildings covers several acres of land. Not surprisingly, ocean-related crafts such as dolphineering, oceanography, and ship building dominate the curriculum, though there are apprentices training here for most of the crafts needed by the Seahold. Also, the Seahold's teaching harpers have their classrooms for educating Fairview's children here thus making it a school in every sense of the word.

The Seamen's School, like Fairview itself, has a decidedly anti-AIVAS attitude in its approach to teaching the crafts to apprentices and journeymen. So called traditional, low-tech ways are the prescribed way for doing things. Although, over the last 550+ Turns, some more modern practices have snuck into their teachings -- mostly where safety or higher productivity were concerned.

Star Peak Observatory's History

Construction began on the Star Peak Observatory in 2354AL, a little over a Turn after a comet hit Pern. Its original mission was to provide a key portion of a twenty-four-hour sky watch of the northern skies. In the following centuries, as the original facility was improved upon, the Observatory began to catalog all heavenly bodies within its view with an emphasis on those objects within, or close to, the Rukbat system.

The Observatory is located at the top of Observatory Peak -- a long-extinct volcano. Its residential quarters are located about a half-hour's walk from the Observatory's dome to prevent smoke from cooking fires, pathway illumination, and the like from interfering with observations. Likewise, the Observatory complex is located about a three hour's journey (by runnerbeast or carriage) from Star Peak Hold.


The following timeline lists major events in Pern's history, as gleaned from Ms. McCaffrey's books, as well as events from our version of 9th Interval / 10th Pass Pern. The numbers in the first column are the number of Turns since Landing. Unless credited to a specific book, all non-Rocky Crater dates are approximate.

   0 -- Planetfall at Landing
   8 -- The 1st Pass starts
  58 -- The 1st Interval starts
 102 -- A plague(?) hits Pern (DoP data)
 258 -- The 2nd Pass starts
 308 -- The 2nd Interval starts
 508 -- The 3rd Pass starts
 558 -- The 3rd Interval starts
 758 -- The 4th Pass starts
 808 -- The 4th Interval starts (long)
1008 -- (A Pass fails to start)
1058 -- (The Pass would have ended)
1258 -- The 5th Pass starts
1308 -- The 5th Interval starts
1498 -- The 6th Pass starts (M:DLoP data)
1541 -- The plague and Moreta's ride (M:DLoP data)
1548 -- The 6th Interval starts (M:DLoP data)
1758 -- The 7th Pass starts
1808 -- The 7th Interval starts
2008 -- The 8th Pass starts
2058 -- The 8th Interval starts (long)
2258 -- (A Pass fails to start)
2308 -- (The Pass would have ended)
2522 -- The 9th Pass starts (SoP data)
2553 -- m1 d9: Comet hits Pern (SoP data)
2553 -- Star Peak Hold is founded
2554 -- Work begins on Star Peak Observatory
2572 -- The 9th Interval starts
2584 -- The AIVAS Technical School is founded at Star Peak Hold
2604 -- Rocky Crater Weyrhold is founded
2619 -- Work at RCWh begins in earnest on real dragonweyrs
2671 -- Benden, Telgar, and High Reaches Weyrs closed
2671 -- RCWh gets first queen, an ex-Telgar goldrider
2708 -- Fishing cothold settled on the future site of Fairview Seahold
2715 -- Fairview Seahold is founded
2722 -- The Seamen's School is founded at Fairview Seahold
3125 -- Bethia becomes Lady Weyrholder of RCWh
3137 -- A plague decimates human population of Pern
3137 -- Bethia dies from the plague
3141 -- Deannus named Lady Weyrholder of RCWh
3198 -- Deannus retires, Arliea becomes Lady Weyrholder of RCWh
3240 -- Arliea retires, Maerka becomes Lady Weyrholder of RCWh
3271 -- Maerka retires, Imara becomes Lady Weyrholder of RCWh
3294 -- m5 d22: D'ylen becomes Lord Weyrleader of RCWh
3294 -- m7 d22: Weyrling Class RO-1 hatched
3294 -- m12 d1: Role play starts at RCWh
3295 -- m1 d13: Thread returns due to a comet, Glaber's Comet
3295 -- m1 d13: Threadfall at Murtrem Mining Hold (Monaco Bay Weyrhold's territory)
3295 -- m1 d14: Threadfall at Paradise River Sea Hold (Monaco Bay Weyrhold's territory)
3295 -- m1 d15: All buildings not Threadproof ordered abandoned
3295 -- m1 d15 to 17: Monaco Bay Weyrhold evacuated due to lack of Threadproofing
3295 -- m3 d21: Weyrling Class ZS-1 hatched