Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions?

If you do, hopefully the following pages will answer them. To make these answers to the frequently asked questions easier to navigate we have grouped them by topic onto separate pages. Without a doubt there is bound to be something that we've overlooked. If you can't find an answer to your question here, please feel free to e-mail the BoD at: 

 1.) General FAQ - This is a catchall page for everything that doesn't fit into one of the categories below.

 2.) Female Oppression FAQ - Rocky Crater's scenario includes female oppression and a ban on women crafters in the Holds, Halls, and Schools of Pern. This FAQ explains the kind of life women on our version of Pern have.

 3.) The Candidate's Guide - This document contains (we hope) all the information that you need to know about being a candidate at Rocky Crater Weyrhold.

 4.) The Guide to Weyrling Training - Now that you've Impressed the real work starts. This page details the training, classes, and duties of a weyrling at Rocky Crater Weyrhold.

 5.) The Pernese Calendar - If Pernese dates confuse you, then we suggest you read this information page. It also explains how posts are dated at Rocky Crater.

 6.) Mating Flight FAQ - A G-rated guide to dragon and firelizard reproduction, and information on how Mating Flights are handled at Rocky Crater.

 7.) When does my dragon or firelizard rise to mate? See the Flight List to find out.

 8.) Height & Weight Chart - "How much should my character weigh?" has got to be on the Top 10 List of most frequently asked questions. Only you, the writer, can really answer it, but this handy reference chart should help you in figuring out realistic height & weight combinations. Data is offered for children ages 5 to 18, and for adults 25 and older.

 9.) How big is my dragon? Check out our handy-dandy Dragon Size Chart for an answer.

10.) Common Terms - IC, RCWh, "candies". Are all of those unfamiliar words and abbreviations confusing you? Look here for an explanation.

11.) Pernese Slang - Do you want your persona's conversation to sound more authentic? Try this page to find some suggestions for common phrases.

12.) Rules Regarding Pets - You want a pet for your crafter? Check here first to see if your choice is workable.

13.) Life in the Weyrhold - A brief guide to Rocky Crater Weyrhold.

14.) The Weyrs and Weyrholds of Pern - An overview of the Weyrs and major Weyrholds of our version of Pern.

15.) Rocky Crater Weyrhold's Clutch Charts - Details of every dragon clutch since 3100AL.