FAQ: Common Terms

These are common terms, abbreviations, signs or contractions used both IC'ly and OOC'ly in Rocky Crater and many other PBeM's.

AIVAS:  Artificial Intelligence Voice Address System (a computer)
ATS:  The AIVAS Technical School (at Star Peak Hold)
BoD:  Board of Directors
Candies:  Candidates
FVSH:  Fairview Seahold
Flight:  Mating Flight (capitalized)
flit / flitter:  Firelizards
Hallmaster:  The Craft Master in charge of a Crafthall.
HallSecond:  The Hallmaster's assistant, usually a Master as well.
IC:  In Character
LWH:  Lady Weyrholder
LWL:  Lord Weyrleader
NPC:  Non-Player Character (an 'extra')
OOC:  Out of Character
PBeM:  Play by E-mail
PC:  Player Character
PNPC:  Personal Non-Player Character (affiliated to a PC)
RCWh:  Rocky Crater Weyrhold
RL:  Real Life
SL:  Storyline
SPH:  Star Peak Hold
SPO:  Star Peak Observatory
TSS:  The Seamen's School (at Fairview Seahold)
weyr:  Where a dragon sleeps
Weyr:  The collective 'Weyr' (i.e.: Fort, Ista, Igen, and Southern)
Weyrhold:  A holding which is (usually) held by a dragonrider. (i.e.: Honshu, Rocky Crater, etc.)
Weyrwoman:  Leader of the Weyr or Weyrhold
weyrwoman:  A woman residing in the weyr