FAQ: Pernese Slang

Some common expletives used on Pern, from the Dragon Lover's Guide to Pern. And some acceptable non-Pernese terms that can be used at RCW.

Wherry teeth - Nonsense; I don't believe you.
Crackdust, shards - expletives indicating annoyance or disbelief.
That's well dusted - Its nasty or unpleasant
He was born under the Red Star - someone evil or generally disliked.
Bend a tail - Defecate.
A hunk of firestone, all gas and ash - a braggart or blowhard.
Has a dragon's two stomachs - a "hollow leg", endless appetite
Tail fork first - Backward
Wherry hunt - a fruitless, foolish quest. "a wild goose chase"
Like trying to draw an inside straight in Bitra - an impossibility
Shaffit - expletive of irritation.
Chew it raw and swallow - accept the inevitable
A dragon among wherries - cat among pigeons
Smokeless weyrling - A disparagement meaning useless.
Shards, shellcrack, shells - All expletives of varying degrees.
I don't give a shard - I don't give a f**k, or I don't give a s**t.
Shag or shagging - slang expression for sexual intercourse.
Go fly yourself - Go f**k yourself.