FAQ: Rules Regarding Pets

Canines (dogs), felines (house cats), and firelizards are the only pets that a persona can have without needing special permission from the BoD. Other species are unlikely to be approved without a very good reason for such a pet. There are no elephants, falcons, hawks, tribbles, and the like on Pern, so don't even ask or we'll leave you out for Thread food.

Restrictions and Guidelines:
Only one pet on any new persona sheet, with a maximum limit of three (3) pets per persona. Candidates are not allowed to acquire new pets during their candidacy. Weyrlings are not allowed to Impress firelizards, nor to acquire any other pet for the duration of their Weyrlinghood. It's also recommended that felines and canines be left with a friend or family member during Weyrlinghood as, we regret, it's quite possible that Scruffy might become a hungry dragonet's meal.

The are several restrictions on the availability of metallic (gold and bronze) firelizards:

As for brown, blue, and green firelizards... a persona may have up to the above-mentioned pet-limit (3) of firelizards, but it is highly recommended that you limit yourself to one per persona. While having your own personal fair of flits might sound wonderful now, odds are that you'll quickly forget about them and stop writing for them in your posts. We think that you'll find that one well fleshed-out flit is more fun to write for than three flits whose names and colors even you can't remember without the PC sheet in front of you. In addition, though our locations are seaside, they also have cool enough winters to prohibit wild firelizard breeding.

The outcome of green and gold firelizard Mating Flights will be decided by the flit's player, however, the BoD has the final say on the number and colors of the eggs, and must agree on who Impresses them (though we will respect your choices). As firelizards are fairly rare in our section of the Eastern Ring Islands, your persona will probably be required to, IC'ly, turn the eggs over to a local ranking character, like a Headwoman, for distribution.

Runnerbeasts are more work animals---plowing fields, transportation, etc.---than pets. Crafters who travel often are more likely to own a runner than those who rarely leave their assigned Hold or Hall. The obvious exceptions to that are crafters whose jobs require having a runnerbeast or two, and the very highest of Holders, who may breed them for hobby or profit.