FAQ: General Questions


Canon-wise, how strict is Rocky Crater?

The exact level of strictness depends on the topic in question. Overall, Rocky Crater is moderate canon-wise, and we tend to follow book-canon.

We allow:
Bisexual brownriders and male greenriders, but both are limit in number; Brown and bronze riders have the option of being flight-bisexual; Crafters from any craft mentioned in any of Anne's books, or in the Dragon Lover's Guide; and we do allow some Earth-style sports and games, most of which aren't mentioned in any of the books.

We do not allow:
Female blue, brown, or bronze riders; Male goldriders; Any dragon or firelizard color other than the basic five colors- that means no white, silver, red, black, or purple dragons; Animal types not mentioned in the books; and Dragonless riders to Impress a second time.

In addition, all of the events in the books up to and including "Skies of Pern" did happened as described in them.


What is a Weyrhold?

The concept of a Weyrhold is based on what Honshu was becoming in the book Skies of Pern. Rocky Crater Weyrhold is like a regular hold in terms of layout: it owns all of Crater Island, but it is governed by dragonriders. The current "lord holder" is Lady Weyrholder Imara, but it was founded nearly 700 Turns ago by a bluerider/crafter who served as its first Lord Weyrholder.

More information: Weyrhold Layout 


How big are dragons at Rocky Crater?

Adult dragons at Rocky Crater range between 20 feet (a small green) and 50 feet (a gigantic gold). A dragon's wingspan is roughly equal to its length x 1.66, then rounded off to the nearest whole number.

Adult Sizes... Green    Blue   Brown   Bronze   Gold  
Length Range:20 to 30 ft25 to 35 ft30 to 40 ft35 to 45 ft40 to 50 ft
Wingspan Range:33 to 50 ft41 to 58 ft50 to 66 ft58 to 75 ft66 to 83 ft

More information: Dragon Size Chart 


Can I have a gold dragon?

Probably not. As of this time (June of 2004) it is planned that Rocky Crater will only have 2 queens: Lady Weyrholder Imara's Rynth and a single junior queen whose slot is presently filled by BoD-NPC Fawnia & Zoryanth. This is the scenario the club was founded under. Rocky Crater is a small Weyrhold, not a massive Weyr -- think of it as a one-runway rural airport.

In the distant future, once Fawnia's storyline is played out, she might be traded with another, NPC, Weyrhold for a PC'ed goldrider, but this isn't a certainty. Other than this slot, it is unlikely that RCWh will have another breeding queen. We are, however, willing to listen to club members with an amazingly wicked plot idea for adding a third queen -- or for PC'ing a queen at one of the other, NPC, Weyrs or Weyrholds in our timeline.

Because of the above, unsolicited persona sheets for goldriders, or gold-only candidates, will be rejected without review.


Can I have a persona that's a HAD (Hear All Dragons)?

Why in Faranth's name would you want to?! Seriously, we don't have any HADs, and aren't actively looking for one, but Rocky Crater's BoD is willing to consider any proposals for unique, non-cliche HAD characters whom you might dream up.


What types of pets can I have?

Only canines, felines, or firelizards are allowed as pets. Pet wild felines (lions, tigers, etc.), wherries, tunnelsnakes, and whers are not allowed. Runnerbeasts are working animals, not pets. All other animals are open to discussion. There is a limit of one (1) pet maximum on a new persona sheet, and three (3) pets maximum per persona (you added the other two IC'ly), and there are additional restrictions on the ownership of metallic firelizards.

Also see: Rules Regarding Pets and Metallic Flit FAQ 


Can I have a gold or bronze firelizard?

Gold: no.
Bronze: maybe.
Firelizards are rare in our area of Pern, so you won't see all that many of them regardless of color, and metallic firelizards are that much rarer. A newly created persona may not have a bronze without approval from the BoD prior to submitting the persona sheet. Club members will be limited to a maximum of 1 bronze and 1 gold firelizard across all of their personae, and any single persona may not have more than 1 metallic. We also request that you avoid making rankers with metallics as this tends to be rather cliche.

More information: Rules Regarding Pets 


Can my candidate or weyrling have a pet?

Candidates and Weyrlings are not allowed to acquire or Impress any new pets for the duration of their candidacy and / or weyrlinghood. In addition, it is suggested that firelizards be the only pet kept in the weyrling barracks as, we regret, it's quite possible that a hungry dragonet will mistake Fluffy for a midnight snack with fur. All other pets should be left with family members or friends to care for.

More information: Rules Regarding Pets 


Can my weyrling or candidate wear whatever he/she wants?

Weyrlings and candidates are reminded from the beginning that in their current status, they are all equals, with a rider or candidate from a Blood family being no better than one from drudge-folk. Besides this, both weyrlings and candidates are involved in tasks where they tend to get dirty, and need to wear clothing that is easily laundered. For these reasons, they wear a uniform that is fairly standard within each Weyr or Weyrhold, incorporating the location's colors. At Rocky Crater, the colors are green and white, so the uniform consists of dark green trousers and jackets. Tunics allow for a little bit of individuality, and can be white, mint green, or dark green.

More information: The Candidates' Guide  and  The Guide to Weyrling Training 


What is the level of technological difference between Fairview and the Weyrhold?

The are three PC'ed areas for a reason: each one represents a different faction of Pern society. Starcraft Island (Star Peak Hold and Observatory) represents the pro-AIVAS tech people, they embrace the info AIVAS gave Pern, and have greatly expanded upon it within the limits of Pern's natural resources.

Dolphin Island (Fairview Seahold and the minor hold of Timber Ridge) represents the anti-AIVAS tech part of society. They live a lifestyle not unlike that of Ms. McCaffrey's pre-AIVAS books. There are a few modern inroads -- Timber Ridge produces paper as a side industry to providing lumber for fuel and shipbuilding, for example -- but not many.

Crater Island, the sole domain of the Weyrhold, uses "maintainable" technology. Which is a fancy term for using what they have the skills to maintain, and not wasting resources on convenience items -- why build and maintain an electric can opener when you already have a perfectly good manual one? The oldest part of the Weyrhold, the Weyrhold-proper, has the highest technology built into it. Here you'll find the power dam, steam plant for heating the weyrs and the Hatching Sands, electric lighting, and other conveniences -- all of which was first installed several hundred Turns ago when the weyrs and Weyrhold were built.

Moving out into the Central Valley and down to Dragon's Cove, the number of conveniences drops off. Here only those buildings that have some sort of waterwheel -- a grist or lumber mill, for example -- would have electricity, all others are lit by glows. The Weyrhold is willing to put any craftsman to work, but some might find their skills under-utilized at times.

At all locations, paper and ink are common, personal watches (wrist, pocket, etc.) are rare and expensive, timepieces (tabletop, wall, grandfather) are fairly common but costly, an average family would only have one, drudges wouldn't own one.

More information: History and Timeline 


What do dragonriders do? What are their roles, how do they allocate time?

Most, but not all, riders have a job of some sort -- every able-bodied person is expected to contribute something to maintaining the Weyrhold's self-sufficiency. After caring for their dragons' needs, this job takes up the bulk of their time. All riders fit for duty are rotated through watch and transport duty assignments, although the schedule is flexible for those still in craft training. Traditional Threadfall training continues, but the level of this is low as it is firmly believed that Thread will never return thanks to AIVAS. Weyrlings still receive the full training of the past, and once they are ready to practice in the air, the whole Weyrhold will get involved in full-scale, live-fire Threadfall drills to help train them. Thus far, any references in posts to schedules, standing watch, etc., have been left up to the writers.

It should also be noted that a rider tends to live where he/she works: farmers, herders, woodcrafters and the like tend to live in the Central Valley, fishermen tend to live in Dragon's Cove, etc. Before Olwynth won Rynth's flight, D'ylen lived in the Central Valley in a cot-weyr (for lack of a better term) with two of his sons, his father (also a rider) and his father's lover.


But X Weyr does (fill in the blank) that way, why doesn't Rocky Crater?

Probably the most common question any BoD gets hit with is why doesn't this Weyr do things the way some other Weyr does it. The simple answer is that we aren't that other Weyr.

I know that can sound a bit sarcastic, but it is the truth. Each and every Weyr has its own set of rules, its own scenario, its own history, and its own take on canon. Just because Rocky Crater doesn't do something the way that X Weyr does it doesn't mean that we think that their way is wrong, nor that we think that our way is the right way. In other words, this is our way of doing things, that is their way of doing things, and each way is the right way of doing it for that club.

Rocky Crater's BoD is always willing to explain our reasons for doing something. So feel free to ask if something about our version of 10th Pass Pern is confusing to you.