Clutch Chart: 3200AL to Present

The following chart is Rocky Crater's master Clutch Chart for past century. If your persona, or his / her family members, Impressed a dragon at Rocky Crater Weyrhold, it was probably from one of these clutches. For information about clutches between 3100 and 3199AL please see the 3100s chart. And for information about clutches between 2604 and 3099AL, please e-mail the BoD with your questions.

By clicking on the Weyrling Class in the table at the bottom of this page, or on the links below, you can access additional charts that include the names of dragons and riders that Impressed from each of these clutches. Only those named in PC sheets, RP posts, or the Weyrhold's history are listed.

Note: In all of the charts numbers such as 10 {8} mean that there were 10 eggs, and that of them 8 haven't been claimed (named) yet.

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